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11-10-2018 04:44:41

TOKYO Cheap Nike Air Vapormax , Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- Sony Corp. returned to the black in the second quarter of the fiscal year as the consumer electronic maker's cost-cutting initiatives and moves away from loss-making businesses paid dividends, the firm said Thursday.

Sony said its net profit in the three months ended Sept. 30 totaled 33.6 billion yen (278 million U.S. dollars) off 1.89 trillion yen in revenue, and that it logged an operating profit of 88 billion yen in the recording period, with the amount coming in ahead of median analysts' expectations.

The Tokyo-based maker of PlayStation game consoles and 4K Bravia flatscreen TVs also maintained its outlook for an annual operating profit of 320 billion yen in the year, off sales of 7.9 trillion yen, ending March 2016.

Following wholesaling restructuring initiatives, including slashing thousands of jobs and moving resources and assets away from its loss-making mobile phone and TV businesses, Sony said Thursday it has been steadily redirecting investment into areas likely to trend upwards, including those involved in image sensor-based technology as well as its highly-anticipated virtual reality headset for its ubiquitous PlayStation 4, slated to be released next year.

While hinting at offloading its loss-making businesses, as the electronic giant had done with its Vaio computer brand last year, earlier this week Sony announced it would be acquiring Toshiba's semiconductor fabrication facilities, equipment and related assets, including those involved in areas such as CMOS image sensor engineering and design.

"This acquisition will enable Sony to increase its production capabilities in the area of CMOS image sensors, where further market growth is anticipated," Sony said on its website. The acquisition of Toshiba's image sensor business could boost Sony's operating income by some 20 billion yen, market analysts have predicted.

In the Devices section of its earnings report, Sony has already seen rising profits in the sector that includes its image sensor business. It said Thursday that operating profit in this section was 32.7 billion yen, up 16 percent on year, with sales of 258 billion yen.

Its gaming division saw sales grow by 16.5 percent to reach an operating profit of 23.9 billion yen, Sony also said, but reported that its Mobile Communications division, which produces its Xperia smartphone, logged an operating loss of 20.6 billion yen off revenue of 279.2 billion yen.

In the first half of fiscal 2015, the group announced a net profit of 116 billion yen (961 million U.S. dollars) compared to losses of 109.16 billion yen logged a year earlier. Its operating profit for the April to September period was 184.93 billion yen on revenue of 3.70 trillion yen, compared to losses in the same period last year of 15.77 billion yen, Sony said.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Dec. 14 (Xinhua) -- The Rio Olympic Games mascot on Sunday was named Vinicius after a three-week Internet vote and Tom was given as the name of the Paralympic Games mascot.

Organizers said that the names attracted 323,327 public votes and they are in honor of two greats of Brazilian music, Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim.

Vinicius is a yellow feline animal representing Brazil's rich fauna and wildlife. Tom is a predominantly blue and green figure whose head is covered with leaves, depicting the host country's rich vegetation.

Rio Olympics is the Olympics first held in South America, which will take place during August 5-21 of 2016.

CAIRO, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) -- The head of al-Azhar, Egypt's top Muslim body and the world's center of Sunni Muslim learning, condemned on Wednesday the extremism of Islamic groups, especially the Islamic State group.

"IS has committed barbaric crimes through beheading the opponents in an attempt to export their false Islam," Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb said while addressing the opening session of the two-day international conference in Cairo on fighting extremism.

"The extremism lead by some terrorist group has exceeded all norms," Sheikh Tayyeb said, adding IS militants are acting "under the guise of this holy religion and have given themselves the name Islamic State."

Religious, political and economic factors were behind the emergence of groups such as the IS, Al-Qaeda and other armed groups, he said, arguing that there is no logic reason for the destruction that claimed the souls of innocents.

Tayyeb expressed wonder over the division that has overwhelmed the Arab world, blaming Israel for part of "the plot to remain the most powerful country in the region."

However, al-Azhar chief said "We shouldn't ignore our responsibility for the rising of extremism in the region that led also to the creation of armed groups."

He called on the U.S.-led alliance to fight IS in Iraq and Syria to confront the countries who support terrorism financially and military.

Egypt has been suffering series of terrorist attacks, mainly in the restive Sinai peninsula since the ouster of the Islamist leader Mohamed Morsi in July last year.

More than 600 Muslim and Coptic scholars from 120 countries took part in the Cairo conference, which is organized by al-Azhar under the name "Al-Azhar Combats Terrorism and Extremism."

BEIJING, Jan. 3 (Xinhua) -- Land sales increased in Chinese cities last year as the government moved to cool the market with higher supply, according to the China Index Academy, a property research organization.

Land sales in 300 Chinese cities totaled 950.36 million square meters in 2017, up 8 percent from 2016, while sales of land for residential projects reached 354.33 million square meters, an increase of 24 percent year on year.

Land sales in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou were particularly robust, as local governments increased land supply to cool down runaway house prices fueled by huge demand and limited sup. Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap NHL Jerseys From China   Cheap NFL Jerseys From China   Cheap NCAA Baseball Jerseys   Cheap Authentic NBA Jerseys   Cheap Soccer Jerseys   Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys   Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys   Wholesale Authentic College Jerseys